Life @ iLevel


Sophie Buckley (UK)

“At parties not only am i able to dance at the same iLevel as everyone else, My Q6 Edge gives me the confidence to communicate and interact with people i don’t know.”


Jey Martin (UK)

My Q6 edge has completely changed my life and massively enhanced my level of independence. I am able to do anything from off road driving to shopping by myself and even reaching those top shelves thanks to iLevel.


Josh McDermott (USA)

“I need top-notch performance from my power chair, but it has to have personality, too. The Q6 Edge 2.0 Power Chair with iLevel from Quantum Rehab looks as amazing as it performs. Until now, I could never drive fully elevated and still keep up with everyone else. To me, this new functionality makes all the difference in the world because if there’s one thing that I’ve learned, life is much better at eye level.”



Kiel Eigen (USA)

“As a longtime power chair user, I didn’t like being stuck at everyone’s waist level in social situations – it made something as simple as having a conversation much more difficult. With the iLevel Seat Elevator from Quantum Rehab, I can stay at the same height as everyone else and drive at walking speed at the same time. Now, whether I’m out at a football game or just spending some time at home, my life is not only easier, but much richer as well.”


Bryan Anderson (USA)

“Having a power chair has helped me regain my independence, but sometimes I still feel like an outsider. With the iLevel Seat Elevator from Quantum Rehab, I can be on the same level as everybody else, both literally and figuratively. When I’m out with my friends, I can elevate to standing height and still move at walking speed. This means I can stay in that position and no one has to wait on me. It’s a simple yet brilliant idea that has helped me get my dignity back.”